5 reasons why you shouldn’t save SUP till summer.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t save SUP till summer.
June 26, 2016 SUP
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5 reasons why you shouldn’t save SUP till summer.

Autumn and Winter are not the ideal months for Stand Up Paddle Boarding or even getting into SUP but if you take on board the following 5 points of info then that “summer SUP body” of your’s will be looking great come spring time.


1. Practice makes perfect:

Start SUP now – get yourself to competent standard before summer hits and you have more daylight hours to enjoy your new pastime. We think it just makes good sense. It’s a time saver – don’t waste the warmer months of the year learning the ropes. You will be throwing those ropes aside by that stage and gliding on by people just taking the sport of SUP on.

2. It’s quieter out there:

There’s little chance of losing control and ploughing into an unsuspecting victim. Or less chance anyway, given the odds. Master control of the board at this time of the year so that when it does become more crowded you have a little more idea about what you are doing. (Plus you’ll look better doing it if you learn the proper techniques.)

3. The weather can deal you a good hand:

Come on, we live in Australia (mate). The chance of being given a 20 degree day is possible. More than possible. So get out there and make the most of it. Winter sun can be warm.

4. Summer SUP bodies are made in the winter:

Stand up paddle boarding is an amazing way of keeping fit. It tones your arms, your waist, your core muscles… In short, SUP can help you create your bikini- (or Speedo-) ready summer body.

5. The price is right:

Now’s the time to buy, if you are considering it. SUP Gear Australia have some great deals going at the moment and it makes financial sense to make that purchase rather than wait until the inevitable summer price hike. Go and see the crew in-store for the best deal on the Northern Beaches, or Sydney for that matter, and if that’s not possible, give them a call on 02 9939 3939.

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Note: The following Blog was submitted from a Newbie SUPPER’s first hand experience of how good it can be to paddle in winter. Check the photo by clicking on this live link.