It’s a beautiful thing. Treat it right.

It’s a beautiful thing. Treat it right.
April 21, 2016 SUP
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 It’s a beautiful thing. Treat it right.

You treat your SUP board with care when you’re riding and playing on the water, but its ability to keep you riding for the longest time depends on how well you treat it at home.

The first rule is something we tell all our friends: salt water ruins everything, so make sure you wash off your gear – board, paddle, board bag – with fresh water before you take it home.

And when you get it home, the way you store your board is crucial. Never store a SUP outside in direct sunlight. It was designed to withstand the rigors of paddling hard on a hot summer’s day, but not for dealing with those conditions all day every day.



Bag it!

A board bag is an ideal insurance policy for your board. Most of our SUP packages at SUP Gear Australia include a bag along with the board and paddle – we think it’s that important. A bag keeps the board clean, safe from knocks, out of the sun and in top shape for whenever you feel the urge to go SUP. We also stock soft board socks if you prefer a more flexible protective cover, but they don’t have the impact resistance of a bag.


Hang it

If you have a roof over your head, can you spare a chunk of it for your beloved SUP? We have a range of racks from Surfraks and In The Covers to help store your board on the ceiling of a garage or home. If you can store your board right above your car space, it makes lowering it onto your roof racks for transport a snack.


Strap it

Alternatively we have straps to help you mount your board on a wall. Wall mounts keep the board out of yours and everyone’s way, so it’s safe. But if you’re mounting on an outside wall, just make sure it’s out of the sun.


Just don’t bubble wrap it!

Some people are tempted to protect their board with the bubble wrap it came it – don’t do that. Bubble wrap contains polyurethane that can stick to your board and damage it if it’s stays for a while. Also, if it’s left in the sun, the bubbles are like little magnifying glasses focusing the sun onto the surface.