Adjustable Stand Up Paddles

Adjustable Stand Up Paddles

Let’s say you bought your SUP board to use in the surf, so you bought a shorter paddle. Now you think you might like to do a little racing, or perhaps some long-distance paddling, so now you need a longer paddle.

Or do you? You don’t necessarily need to buy two paddles – you can choose one paddle that will do it all: Ta Da! The adjustable paddle.

How to keep everyone paddling anywhere, in any way!

Adjustable paddles have a shaft that can extend and lock at different lengths. So not only do they work for one paddler who wants to enjoy a whole range of paddle sports, they work really well when more than one person wants to play.

Adjustable paddles are great for families, for vacation homes and for picnic days by the water where everyone wants a turn.

The paddles are a little heavier than fixed paddles but they make up for it in versatility. An adjustable paddle is a great back-up to keep on hand in case you snap or lose your regular paddle.

Plenty of choice

Stand Up Paddle Gear Australia has adjustable paddles from BIC, Surftech, SUPCo, Tahoe SUP, SUP Gear Australia, Sea Paddles, Kialoa, ECS and many more.

Like non-adjustable paddles they come in wood, carbon fibre, carbon fibreglass blend, fibreglass, fibreglass plastic blend, alloy and plastic.

Let us work with you – via phone, email or in person – to find the right paddle to suit your needs and your style.