Things to know before buying an inflatable paddle board

Things to know before buying an inflatable paddle board
December 7, 2021 SUP
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So, you’re in the market for an inflatable paddle board. You like the idea of convenience – no need for roof racks, no need for storage space and you can take the board wherever you please. You’ve had a quick look around and you know that there are now quite a few different brands of inflatable paddle board on the market so how do you choose what to go for? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right SUP for you.

Size matters

It’s an old cliche but when it comes to stand up paddle boards, size does matter! In fact, when it comes to having a great SUP experience, size is very important. If your board is too small or does not have enough volume, you will find it incredibly hard to paddle. Equally, if your board is too long or has too much volume, you won’t get anywhere very fast.

It might be tempting to try one of the cheap paddle boards on the market but they are generally too small for most people which makes them hard to paddle. We want you to enjoy your SUP experience and that means making sure your board is the right size for you.

size options for inflatable paddle boardsIf you’re new to paddle boarding and you have no idea what board to choose, we would suggest starting on a 10 foot 6 inch board, known as a 10’6. Most people will have fun on a 10’6 and find it has just the right amount of stability. Have a look at the Red PaddleCo 10’6 Ride. On a smaller budget? Try the NSP SUP 10’6 Inflatable Package , SIC Sup 10’6 TAO Air, and the Tahe SUP-YAK 10’6 + Kayak Kit.

If you’re of a smaller build, you might want to try a smaller board such as the Red PaddleCo 9’8 Ride the 9’6 Red Paddleco Compact or 9’8 NSP O2 Isup.

You get what you pay for

With inflatable stand up paddle boards, you really do get what you pay for. Dings and breaks are a headache that you don’t need. Our range of inflatable paddle boards are high quality products. All of our Red Paddle Co packages now come with a five year warranty. You heard me right – a five year warranty! All you need to do is register your board online and you’re covered for 5 whole years of adventures. The other brands we sell from Tahe/SIC and NSP that come with a 2yr and 1 yr warranty respectively.

People often pop into our shop to try and fix their cheap inflatable board. They have been unable to source a replacement part from the retailer they bought the board from so they try their luck in our store. Whilst we’d love to help, these cheaper boards do not have universal parts and attachments and are unfixable. Not mention you are not dealing with someone who is dealing with SUP’s all day.

Bic inflatable

The inflatable paddle board package

The great thing about inflatable paddle boards is they generally come in a package so you get everything you need to get out on the water.

One key thing to look for when choosing your inflatable board package is the pump it comes with. You’re going to be using a hand pump to inflate your board and the quicker you do that, the quicker you’re out having fun on the water. Red Paddle Co are the only inflatable packages on the market which come with a dual cylinder pump. The dual cylinder makes pumping up your board a breeze. If your package comes with a single cylinder pump, make sure its a good quality one, like the ones which come with our NSP or SIC or TAHE inflatable packages.

Check to make sure your package comes with a good quality paddle too. This will also contribute to your SUP experience. Our packages come with paddles which break down into three pieces so that they fit into the bag and you can keep everything together.

your inflatable paddle board package

Go one step further

If you’ve been paddle boarding for a while, you know you love it and you want an inflatable paddle board that goes a step beyond the rest, look no further than our Red Paddle Co range. Red Paddle Co specialise in inflatable paddle boards and offer the largest range of inflatable boards.

If you’re interested in a performance paddle board, try the Red PaddleCo 11’3 Sport. If you want to go a bit further and explore, take a look at the Red PaddleCo 12’6 Voyager.

However is exploring can be done on budget as well with the following “board after the first board” options from Tahe and SIC.

It doesn’t stop there, from wind SUPs to yoga, check out our website to see the other inflatable boards we have in stock.

Choose a yoga specific inflatable paddle board

Buy online + FREE Shipping till Jan 31st 2022.

Don’t have time to come in-store? No worries! Another advantage of inflatable boards is that you can easily buy online and get it shipped to your door (Australia wide), meaning you will be out on paddle boarding adventures in no time. Check out our website for more details or call our store to speak to one of our SUP experts if you want to know more.

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