Getting from A. to B. with a S. U. P.

Getting from A. to B. with a S. U. P.
June 10, 2016 SUP
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Getting from A. to B. with a S. U. P.

Your SUP gives you hours of pleasure because of its stability and buoyancy, its ability to carve up the water underneath while keeping you safe on top – but it’s big, right? And big can mean hard to transport.

Here’s some tips for getting your SUP from home-base to play-time.



On the road

If you have a pick-up or van, or solid roof racks on your car, you’re set for SUP transport. If you don’t, however, Stand Up Paddle Gear offers soft racks, straps and pads for your roof racks that start at $59.95 up to $139.95 to protect both your car and your board in transit.

Along with racks – fixed or soft – you’ll need a set of straps to anchor the board from left to right and, ideally, a second set to secure the nose and tail of the board. Kanu Sup lockable tie down straps are what we like to recommend to keep that board secured tightly to your car or even boat and for the times you are running to and from home to the beach we like the Balin 4.0m Bulldog Clip straps.

We do stock racks and straps from Creatures, Ocean & Earth, FCS, Wrap Rax, Surftech and Balin also so there are lots of options to choose from.

But whatever you do, remember to take it easy when you’re driving. That long, flat SUP board acts like a big wing – and the air racing up the windscreen and hitting the board can put an enormous load on your rack, depending on vehicle and wind speed on the day.


Or on foot

Sometimes it’s difficult to park right near the water – or maybe you’re one of the privileged few who live walking distance from your favourite surf spot. Either way, we have some great SUP carrier straps from Ocean & Earth to make walking any distance with your board so much easier. One of the best inventions we have seen in the SUP market place for carrying your SUP. We will also mention that the strap is placed in a nice little waist bag that can also hold a bottle of water, keys and phone in a waterproof Ocean & Earth case and suncream too.

Plus remember the ‘wing; effect though – it operates whether walking or driving so a good set of straps is a great way of keeping your board under control as you move.