Go Pro

GoPro – your personal sports photographer

When you’re carving up a wave or soaking in a sunset out on the lake, you’re right there in the moment. But sometimes, when it’s over, you think it would have been great to have a pic. And that’s where GoPro steps in. You can enjoy the moment; GoPro will record it for later.

GoPro cameras are small, completely portable, and waterproof and designed to withstand some rough stuff, whether it’s SUP racing or SUP surfing, downwinding or any other high powered sports like water-skiing, bungee jumping and surfing.

Unlike a regular digital camera, GoPro HD can capture the entirety of your stand up paddleboarding experience rather than a few selected posed moments.

GoPros come in a range of designs and, with new models released every year; their adaptability is constantly improving. They can be attached to you or your board, getting the best pictures possible without you having to push a shutter button.

Clip for the perfect pic

GoPro – your personal sports photographer

There is a range of camera clips available for the GoPro. You can clip your camera to a helmet or vest, or clip it to your board and have every angle covered.

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The camera is much steadier than a regular digital camera to minimize motion blur, and they cancel unwanted noise in the environment. Suitable outdoors, indoors and in high or low altitude, you can be sure – even in potentially stressful situations when photography is not top of mind – that you get those images you’ll want to keep.  Plus they are waterproof and impact resistant so they’ll take almost anything your active lifestyle dishes out.

Once you get home, your images are safely stored on a memory card so you can connect to your home theatre, LED or LCD TV immediately. GoPro HD is compatible to with Windows and Mac operating systems for editing, sorting, sharing and storing.

You can’t re-enact life’s great events. GoPro helps you capture them live, while you enjoy the living.