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Infinity SUP Showing.

Infinity SUP Showing.
July 8, 2016 SUP
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Infinity SUP Surf & Race Board Showing.


Thanks to the Crew at NEXT Level SUP we will have the following boards in the show room till sunday morning.

The infinity SUP Range of boards are Next Level and have been proven in north america and for a long time and they have finally hit Australian shores but in limited Number’s only.

Boards available to look at are:

14’0 x 26″ : The 2016/17 Blackfish is Dave Boehne’s latest planing hull design that is taking the race world by storm. For 2016/17 received a flatter sweet spot adding flat water glide while maintaining the bad-ass Blackfish DNA. The planning hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it away like a displacement hull. This makes for very fast get up and go and higher max sprint speeds. “Like skipping a stone”. The linear outline gives it a stability advantage and the rolled nose entry make it very forgiving and versatile in a number of conditions: through surf, up and down wind, chop, etc. Choose this board if you want to get max stability, sprint faster than ever before, and Paddle Like a Freak when the elements are ugly.

12’6 x 27″ : The Whiplash is Slater Trout’s signature all arounder that has been proved the world over in all conditions. If you seek a board that does it ALL pretty darn good, this is your board. Slater’s number one request with this board is “make it easy to paddle” Rather than focusing on a single design goal, Slater wanted a board that is versatile and does everything well. Flatwater, open ocean, down wind, up wind, chop, riding bumps etc. No matter the venue or conditions he could pull this board out of the bag and be ready on race day. All new updated design for 2016/17. The whiplash features a very boxy flat bottom increasing the stability for riders pushing to go narrower. Has more flip in the nose and tail from the Dart board offering up more forgiveness across different conditions. We also turn down the nose for aiding in side wind and a low profile stealth look. You can’t go wrong with the Whiplash as Slater has made the podium all over the world in all types of racing conditions against the worlds best on this very design.

10’8 x 34″ : The “Wide Aquatic” is max volume engineered with max performance for the talented larger surfer. Timeless design theory and characteristics come together in one board for the “big dogs”. Catch waves with ease, turn on a dime and enjoy the life aquatic! The big size also doubles as a fun cruiser board for the family on flat water.

 7’11 x 28″ : The “Round Nose Blurr” is the next step in performance. Incorporating a straighter outline concept, this allows for instant speed and added stability. This board bridges the gap between the Blurr and the Phoenix. Riders are able to ride a shorter board while maintaining the same stability as their standard board. Features a deep single concave throughout the bottom just like our performance shortboard designs. We build this board in “Jet” swallow, Stance specific – asymmetric, and Diamond Tails.

Come in-store tomorrow to SUP Gear Australia @ 1/384 Pittwater Rd, North Manly.