Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

The inflatable stand up paddleboard – adventure in a backpack

Imagine taking a long bush walk to a quiet bay, carrying nothing but a backpack (lunch √, sunscreen √) and being able to spend the whole day in SUP bliss on the water?

The inflatable SUP may be the very best invention in the recent history of surfing. Made from hardened rubber material, heavy duty PVC, layers of urethane and polymer, iSUPs can be inflated anywhere from 8psi to 30psi.

In minutes, you can go from bushwalker to SUP warrior – land lover to water baby. The possibilities for fun and adventure are limitless.

Durable, light-weight and portable

SUP paddleboards usually require a car to transport them – throw them onto a roof rack and you can get to your favourite SUP spot smooth and easy.

The inflatable paddleboard, however, expands your options exponentially.

The iSUP boards we stock at Stand Up Paddle Gear all have the necessary rigidity and portability you need. They have simple systems for inflation and deflation and built-in fin setups. Inflatable SUP boards were designed with two of the key concerns of urban surfers in mind: problems of storage and transportation.

iSUPs for all!

The brands we sell NSP, BIC and Red Paddle Co offer an inflatable option with their own recommendations for inflation

Top of the range is Red Paddle Co with boards that can be inflated from 15 to 22 psi – the highest in the industry.

Red Paddle Co is a specialist in iSUPs – it’s all the company make so they are really good at it. However, we also stock Surftech, NSP, and BIC boards which are excellent for anyone new to the sport, looking for a great, go anywhere allrounder.