Kids SUP

Kids and Paddleboards – like ducks to water

You’ll be amazed at the way even very young kids take to stand up paddling. We regularly see five year olds master the art of both paddling and turning the board all by themselves. It’s a beautiful sight, seeing a kid thrill at their ability to master the water safely.

Kids SUP is a great way to build confidence for all water sports, it builds integrated strength, plus it’s something adults and kids can have huge fun doing together.

Kids aren’t fussy, and because they’re lightweight and generally believe they’re invincible, any SUP board can become a kid’s paddleboard and you can be sure they’ll have a good time.

A board for the whole family?

Any of the allrounders stand up paddleboards can work for both you and your kids.

Allrounders are bigger so they’re more stable and easy to use, making them ideal for either taking a kid or two with you for a short paddle around the lake, or for making it comfortable for everyone to take turns, no matter what their ability (“come on, Grandma, have a go!”)

Or something special for junior?

Taking your kids for a ride on your paddleboard is great, but getting them out there with you on their own kit is even better. Paddleboarding is great for kids. It’s a perfect platform (in every sense) for them to learn about being on the water, while – most importantly – having a great time.

Kids need shorter paddles to make the strokes comfortable for them, and a narrower board is better. Anything over 30″ wide starts to get uncomfortable for youngsters because it will make it tough for them to stand in the centre and paddle.

Shorter boards will be easier for them to turn, but kids SUP is not like windsurfing or surfing, it’s not vital to have a shorter board. Talk to us about your kids needs and skills because shorter boards may also have more rocker (that’s more nose and tail lift), so they need a little more power to paddle.

We know your kid is special, so let’s work out the perfect board/paddle/accessory combination for their abilities.

Safe, accessible surfing party anyone??

In our experience, youngsters from five to six years old are quite capable of paddling their own board – under close supervision of course.

Kids SUP is a great platform for an active, healthy and often hilarious event and we’ve worked with schools, youth groups, family and community groups to provide the Stand Up Paddle gear they need for a party to remember.