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NSP SUP are a great choice if you don’t want to spend a lot.  These guys keep things really simple and basic.  They are passionate about what they do, believe that anyone can get into the sport and build boards that make it really easy to enjoy your first experience.

They build boards with a very specific user in mind, whether they be a novice, an elite racer or an intermediate, recreational surfer. Importantly, whilst they create some fantastic elite products (particularly in the race side of SUP), they are not strongly focused on the elite end of the market.  They give as much attention to the entry level novice as the elite user and everyone in between.

The NSP SUP All round series are designed to be one of the most versatile Stand Up Paddle Boards on the market. It offer’s performance and general paddling glide. Boards feature a wide forward point for fast paddling and a pulled in tail for maximum manoeuvrability in all conditions. The bottom features moderate nose lift and a true single to double concave with light vee through the tail – helping generate speed from take-off, and smooth flow from turn to turn.

The package deal we are offering includes Board, Bag, Fins and Adjustable Full Carbon Paddle.

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