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Sup Gear Australia have been supporting Red Paddle Co for 7 years. The brand is leading the development on materials and design development for inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards and it looking like they will be into the future with the current range being enhanced that bit more every year.

Their key model weighs just 9kg and has performance matched with hard boards for recreational paddling. A REVOLUTION IN MATERIAL – “no longer are inflatables inferior on the water”

Red Paddle co has a broad but to not expansive range of boards to suit and cater for every riders need. Whether it be flat water, white water, waves, lakes, rivers, oceans, touring, group paddling or families you are covered by at least 3 if not 4 boards in the range.

THE FASTEST INFLATION OF THEM ALL is the Red Paddle co. Their TITAN pump, double cylinder is the best hand pump on the market. Our customers love it.