3M Sup 80mm Rail Tape

3M Sup 80mm Rail Tape


3M Sup 80mm Rail Tape Protection



3M Sup 80mm Rail Tape is a High Performance, very tough and durable Impact and Abrasion tape with High performance, High strength Adhesive with excellent UV and High Temperature tolerances.

Plus the almost 0% transfer rate of this 3M Sup 80mm Rail Tape means that in a couple of months the tape will of not moved on the rail of your fav sup and creating a very messy rail to look at.

At SUP Gear Australia we have fitted this tape to 100’s of boards and time after time the product is a breeze to apply.

We sell it by the metre and can ship it to you anywhere in Australia.

SIZE: 80mm wide x 1m long x 0.5mm thick

OUR recommendation per board is as follows:

  • 80mm @ 12’6 SUP – 8metres (4m each side)
  • 80mm @ 14’0 SUP – 9metres (4.5m  each Side)
  • 60mm @ 11’6 SUP – 6 metres (3m each side)
  • 60mm @ 10’6 SUP – 5 metres (2.5m each side)
  • 60mm @ 9’6/10’0 SUP – 4 metres. (2m each side)
  • 50mm @ 9’0 SUP or smaller 3 metres (1.5m each side)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm



80mm x 1m x 0.5mm