NSP Carbon Hybrid Paddle

NSP Carbon Hybrid Paddle


NSP Carbon Hybrid Paddle 2pc


The NSP Carbon Hybrid Paddle 2 pc is lightweight, and offers the perfect performance for schools, rental centers and people who regularly share their paddle with others.

With a length of 170cm right up to 212cm, it easily adjust to paddlers of all sizes and offers a 86 sqi blade.

Combined with the Speedster racing blade, racers will benefit from a quick and precise catch.

The parallel edge outline of the blade also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water. “Hybrid” refers to the mix carbon and fiberglass used in the production of the blade.

NSP Carbon Hybrid Paddle also offers a clamping system has evolved again this year. The new design allows easy and one-handed adjusting, and once closed, the clamp maintains a tight seal keeping out water.

An inner groove makes sure the handle aligns with the blade and eliminates any twists when locked into place. It’s the right choice when you only have one choice.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 170 × 28 × 5 cm