Red Paddle co 18L Water Proof Cooler Bag

Red Paddle co 18L Water Proof Cooler Bag


Red Paddle co Originals 18L Water Proof Cooler Bag



The Red Paddle co 18L Water Proof Cooler Bag is a high performance coolbag keeping your contents colder for longer than you thought possible.

Whether you are using it for an ultimate SUP expedition, picnic, day at the beach, festival, camping trip, road trip or any other adventure, the ultra-durable coolbag will deliver time and time again.

Adventures can be lost or made with a cold beer so why leave it to chance? When heading out for an adventure, Red Paddle co found that every cool bag on the market didn’t meet standards to create the ultimate experience, so Red Paddle co designed our own.

With thermal lock insulation delivering remarkable insulating capabilities they found that a way to keep your drinks colder for much, much longer.  They also wanted to not only be able to keep water out, but also keep ice in with zero leaks. With what we think is the world’s best zipper and our seriously tough Armour Tech fabric, the bag more than delivers in being completely water and air-tight.

The Red Paddle co 18L Water Proof Cooler Bag attaches to boards easily breeze with a luggage tensioning system which securely attaches the bag to your deck and stops them from moving around.

A seriously quality piece of kit.


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Weight 2 kg
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