SURFTECH 10’6 Generator

SURFTECH 10’6 Generator


SURFTECH C-tech 10’6 Generator

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Complete the look

The versatile SURFTECH 10’6 Generator is the next step in the evolution of recreational SUP boards, featuring a progressive outline with a round pintail and foiled rails.

The surf-inspired shape and rocker make it easy to catch smaller waves, but it still has enough volume and stability to cruise flatwater with ease. This is the perfect SUP board for those looking to pack a dry bag for a day trip down the river or up the coast.

The SURFTECH 10’6 Generator features a full deck pad, ledge handle, tie down points and a shock cord, making it the ultimate weekend accessory.

The Tuflite C-Tech construction makes for a lightweight and extremely durable board that is perfect for any paddler or rental facility.


Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 330 × 87 × 15 cm



10'6 x 32 x 4.4 @ v. 167L