Surfboard Bags

The surfboard bag for your baby

A surfboard bag is the ideal way to protect your new board from damage. Because SUP boards are a little big and heavy to toss under your arm, there’s extra handling involved in getting a board in and out of storage, on and off roof racks and getting them into the water. A board bag really helps protect it from potential damage as you move it around.

We have SUP board bags made for SUP surf, SUP touring, SUP race and all rounder boards as well, so we’re sure to have one to fit your baby.

For general storage and transport, we recommend the 5mm bags that are light weight but offer good protection for storage, in or outdoors, and transporting boards from home to the water.

If you plan to take your SUP board overseas, however, we recommend a heavy duty bag.  Stand Up Paddle Gear Australia has bags in either 8mm or 10mm material to provide maximum protection from dings when you need to trust your board to the hold of an international airline. You want to be sure your board is in good shape for the awesome vacation ahead!

Protect your investment

A surfboard travel bag is a worthwhile investment not only in your continuing enjoyment of your board, but it will help to maintain its resale value for when you want to upgrade.

The additional 10 to 15 percent  of your board’s price that you’ll spend on a bag can easily be reflected in the resale or trade-in price. And keep in mind that ding repairs are expensive. They currently average around $120 a repair for non-major work. A ding honestly earned on the water is one thing – damage due to dropping or poor handling is much harder to take!

And there are plenty of options to choose from as we offer board bags by FCS, Balin, On A Misson, BIC, Supco, Surftech, ECS and NSP.