Dry Bags

Dry bags & waterproof bags

Dry bags and waterproof bags have helped make SUP paddleboarding part of a host of outdoor adventures – from picnics at remote spots to week-long camping trips.

They are essential for anything other than a leisurely morning or afternoon paddle because they allow you to carry water, food, dry clothes, your phone and wallet and anything else you might need whether you’re out for a day, or going off the grid for longer.

Sizes and shapes for every need

Think about what you might use or need a bag for, and Stand Up Paddle Gear Australia will probably have it in stock.

Paqua, for example, offers some of the best waterproof cases on the market in four convenient sizes. There’s one just large enough for keys; one for keys and a wallet; the next size is big enough to add a mobile phone and straps to your bicep; and the largest holds all of that plus a 2-way radio and straps over your shoulder. This is the neat looking bag used by surf life saving clubs and professional lifeguards around Australia ’s coast. It’s also featured in the TV show Bondi Rescue so perhaps we’ll call it “waterproof bag to the stars”?

Wasp is an Australian manufacturer with another great range of dry bags made to be thrown over your shoulder.

BIC Sport has a larger range of dry bags designed to fit into the decking ports on their SUP paddleboards.

If you are looking for the biggest dry bag you can find, however, Sea To Summit is brand to search for. They have been making dry bags for a very long time so they have quality and experience behind them.

Many of the dry and waterproof bags we offer become backpacks out of the water making them twice as useful.