Stand Up Paddle Covers

SUP paddle covers

Your paddle works hard. It’s what propels you everywhere in your SUP sport adventures so take care of it, and give it some love.

SUP paddle covers are a great way to protect the paddle that makes it all possible. We know paddles come in many shapes, sizes and – most importantly – material. Their basic design, however, with one long thin shaft, makes them inherently fragile. Our advice is to take care of your paddle, and it will take care of you.

Like board covers, paddle covers come in a range of styles and shapes, from full length, covering the whole of the shaft, to partial covers, just for the blade.

Also like SUP board covers, they come in a range of quality profiles, from light weight and flexible for the SUP Paddler who just wants to protect the paddle from sliding around in the back of his ute or car, to the international traveler who wants to be sure the paddle is safe, snug and well padded when it gets tossed into the belly of an airplane.

The brands we stock include:

Surftech and Balin. These are the most robust covers, ideal for boarders who don’t like to baby their paddles. They are 8mm in thickness with additional padding, robust zippers and an outer casing of tough woven fabric. The Surftech paddle bag is large enough for a second paddle in case you like to carry a spare.

FCS offers a light-weight basic paddle cover. This style is also large enough to hold up to two paddles. It’s basic, cost effective and gets the job done. This is certainly our best seller in paddle covers.

A paddle bag is a great way to protect your investment and make sure your paddle is always ready to go.  Remember, whatever construction material, paddles are somewhat fragile and continuous knocks to carbon or fiberglass paddles weakens them, making them susceptible to breaking under load.

Like paddleboards, paddles come in a wide price range so just remember, a good paddle is going to go along way with you, so keeping it covered keeps it protected.