Stand Up Paddleboards For Sale

Stand Up Paddleboards for sale – in store or online?

SUP paddleboards, like almost everything, can be both bought online or found in stores. But if you are going to buy online, can we offer some advice? Make sure you get all the information you can first and, if possible, talk to the seller.

Here’s why: the more you and your supplier know about your needs, preferences, how and where you want to use your SUP board, the better your chance of getting the perfect board, first up. And, let’s be frank, this is not a purchase you can easily exchange by dropping it off at your local Post Office!

Without getting too ‘touchy feely’

We don’t want to sound too touchy feely but nothing beats buying your SUP live and in person.

About 80% of paddleboards for sale are still sold through retail outlets because of the many benefits.

First and most important, you can touch, feel and carry the board, getting a feel for its weight and quality. You can check out the colours and the different board designs, depending on what you want to use it for. Surf SUPs are shorter and narrower for ease of manoeuvrability whereas touring boards are longer and wider for glide and stability. Then there’s all rounders, racing SUPs – the list is long.

Second, in store you can build a customer care relationship with the experts. Any problems you have can be resolved face to face – plus there are all those amazing accessories to choose from with experienced advice to help you choose.

Buy a board online with Stand Up Paddle Gear Australia, however, and we would love to talk the whole purchase through with you first – by phone, email or message.

We can help not just with the right board for you but we’ll look at paddles – whether fixed or adjustable is best, and the right weight and style of paddle. We can help you with board bags, trolleys, leashes and accessories, all tailored to the experience you want to create.

Make sure you’re confident

We don’t want to tell you horror stories that started with “sup for sale” and ended in tears. We’ve heard them all.

Wherever you buy your board, just be confident you’re getting what you really want and need by doing all the research you can in advance.

Email us a question via or give us a call on 02 9939 3939 or our Facebook page; We love this sport. We love everything about it. And we want you to love it also. But to make you as big a fan as us, we need to make sure you get exactly what you need. Right from the start.