SUP Trolleys

The SUP trolley: getting from here to there with ease

For anyone who lives within walking or biking distance from your favoured body of water, whether than be the beach, a river or lake, a SUP trolley or SUP mule are great accessories.

Your SUP carrier is designed to help you transport your board with ease. The SUP mule can be towed behind a mountain bike or cruiser.

The SUP trolley, on the other hand, is pulled along by hand. However, your SUP board trolley can easily be converted for use with your bike using a SUP carry strap. At SUP Gear Australia we have straps by Ocean & Earth and Surftech.

When you’re deciding at what trolley to buy, keep in mind storage at your destination. Some are small enough to be strapped onto your board as you paddle. Others will lock to a pole or your bike. Ocean & Earth offer carry straps that come in a bum bag with room for sun screen and a bottle a water. Get a water proof case for your phone and you can throw that in there too! Not only can you stay in touch (which is so important if you are headed into remote territory), but you can take photos of your adventure as you go!