Wooden Paddleboards

Wooden SUPs – let’s go eco-friendly and sustainable!

Like a timber-hulled sail boat, bamboo or wooden SUPs have a charm and style all their own.

Stand Up Paddle Gear Australia sells bamboo and wooden SUPs from NSP, ECS, Supco, BIC (Earth SUP) and Surftech.

Bamboo, or a Chinese hard wood called Paulownia, is the most eco-friendly construction material for SUP boards. They are lightweight, and have strong impact resistant qualities. That’s useful – especially for new SUP boarders who are likely to bang the paddle around the rails a bit, or store/rest it in the wrong place.

Wooden SUPs made out of Pine, Oak or teak Laminate may be a little heavier, but it all depends on the construction. Most boards are covered in a veneer treated and stained in a variety of colours and finishes.

Just check it is natural

If you are after the look, the romance and the natural finish of a bamboo or wooden SUP, make sure you ask your vendor about how the board was constructed.

Bamboo and wooden finishes are beautiful, but there are some boards on the market that are, in fact, just pretending. Some manufacturers use paper printed with a wood-finish pattern under the fibreglass finish. That’s fine if it’s what you’re after, but it’s important you know for sure whether what you are buying is a genuine, naturally finished board, or something just made to look that way.